Candle, "Ivan" formally, is a scientist and mildly fashion-sensitive.


Hailing from the Sinnoh region, Candle was once a will-driven battler with little knowledge. Theft of his beloved Torterra, his first Pokemon, drove him to become a better trainer as he moved to Unova, then Kalos, where he exclusively is now.


Candle was once young, like all have been, and starry-headed, with big dreams as he wrecked foes with his first Pokemon, his Torterra. After it was stolen by some he still does not fully know the identity of, he mellowed and turned to strategy, vowing to be more careful and strong. Ever since, he's been analytical, inside and out of battle, and has valued strategy far over brute strength.

Pokemon TeamEdit

This is additionally enforced by the Pokemon he uses. They constantly flux, although Lucario is usually a member of his team. He always uses Pokemon depenent on his love for them, never for merely their strength.

Battle StyleEdit

Like his teams, his strategy is in constant flux. He usually favours either a very flashy strategy or a very passive one, however.