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What are Pokemon Trainers?Edit

Pokemon Trainers are people that capture and train Pokemon for battle to grow strong and learn valuable life lessons. They travel in their respective regions and might even leave their regions to find new Pokemon to battle and capture. Each Trainer unique in his/her own way, and they take marvelous care of their Pokemon. 

What are the Kinds of Pokemon Trainers?Edit

There are several kinds of Pokemon Trainers out there, each are different and unique.

Basic TrainersEdit

1.) PoKe Trainer

2.) PoKe Breeder

3.) PoKe Ranger

4.) Ace Trainer

5.) Expert

6.) Veteran

7.) PoKe Fan

8.) Collector

9.) PoKe Maniac

10.) Preschooler

11.) Youngster

12.) Nursery Aid

13.) Fisher

14.) Hiker

15.) Backpacker

16.) Swimmer

17.) Triathlete

18.) Sailor

19.) Guitarist

20.) Roughneck

21.) Biker

22.) Beauty

23.) Parasol Girl

24.) Battle Girl

25.) Black Belt

26.) Hex Maniac

27.) Psychic

28.) Ruin Maniac

29.) Bird Keeper

30.) Pilot

31.) Lady

32.) Rich Boy

33.) Gentleman

34.) Worker


1.) LoveyDovey Couple

2.) Old Couple

Special Trainers (You must be given this title)Edit

1.) Gym Leader

2.) Elite Four

3.) Champion

You can pick any of these titles for your name. Happy picking! ^^