Hiker Drew

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Mystery Dungeon Aegis Cave Remix

Mystery Dungeon Aegis Cave Remix

Hiker Drew's Battle Theme

Hiker Drew is one of the Pokemon Trainers in the League. Although he isn't strong in battle, he's strong at heart.


Drew was born in the town of Littleroot, Hoenn and was raised by his mother and father in a very pleasant manner. Although the mother was over-protective, Drew managed to set off on his Pokemon journey when he was only Thirteen. His beginning Pokemon was a Mudkip and after a long and tiresome journey, Drew finally mastered the tactics of a battle. He received Champion of Hoenn and Unova and hopes to conquer this league.


Probably known as a pleasant jokester, Drew goes by many names: Sir Eats-a-lot, Teddy Bear, Super Kami, and sometimes 2x. Drew has a very good sense of friendship and leads his team with compassion and understanding. However, Drew has his moments when he has a big temper, often becoming rude and unpleasant to others, but he's also very emotional. Just goes to show you how tender a heart he has.

Pokemon TeamEdit

Drew's team is a Mixed Type, but they all have something in common--most of them anyway--Legendaries! Drew has a knack for Lengendary Pokemon and he cannot refuse capturing just one. Although he's captured many, he rather wants to be known as a Hiker for his love of traveling on foot. 

Drew plans to make the perfect Legendary Pokemon team and become an Elite Four Member. He searches for worthy Pokemon, including Regirock, Regice, Registeel, and Regigigas.

Hiker Drew's TeamEdit

1.) Samurott

2.) Arcanine

3.) Zoroark

4.) Regice

5.) Regirock

6.) Cresselia

Battle StyleEdit

When Drew realizes he's outmatched he immediately stops the match and refuses anymore battles until he's ready. Drew's battle stratagy is when he has one Pokemon left "Revive, revive, revive!" His use for medical items is very efficient. He always seems to come prepared. Furthermore, Drew uses his knowledge in battle, predicting his opponent's next move or Pokemon. He prefers to be one step ahead, using the right move at the right time, and using the right Type of Pokemon!