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Champion Dove is the League Champion. His quiet demeanor shadows a vast intelligence.


Not much is known of Dove's past. Though at times, he claims that Team Plasma was involved.


Dove is not much to talk about. His cold personality makes most Trainers' skins crawl. Interestingly enough, he wouldn't have a heart if he didn't become the Champion. He travels among the region, exploring new places and finding lost treasures. His demeanor is calm and collected even in the most desperate of situations and he values the merit of teamwork at rare occasion. Though most would say he should at least loosen up a bit. 

Pokemon TeamEdit

Dove's team is a is a Mixed Type Powerhouse. 

1.) Reshiram/Shiraz

2.) Zoroark

3.) Hydreigon

4.) Eelektross

5.) Milotic

6.) Ho-Oh

Battle StyleEdit


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Team Plasma Dove